First ring ever made?

This photo has what seems to be one of the first rings ever made…

Egyptian royal jewelry from the Middle Kingdom. The winged scarab (42) is of electrum richly inlaid with cornelian, green felspar and lapis lazuli (12 Dynasty c. 1885 BC).

Also from the 12th Dynasty circa 1795 BC is the Gold openwork plaque (43) representing King Ammenemes IV offering a vase of unguentto Atum, god of the setting sun, who carries an ankh-amulet in his right hand and a was-sceptre in his left.

The two gold spacer-bars with the reclining cats (44) are from a bracelet said to be from the tomb of Queen Sobkemsaf at Edfu (17th Dynasty c. 1650 BC) Each is a flat box with twelve gold tubes running through its width for threading.

The gold finger-ring with the lapis lazuli scarab (45) perhaps from Thebes, is also associated by its inscription, the name ‘inyoteff’ is inscribed on the base of the funda. The scarab is held in position on its gold mount by one of the thin twisted gold wires which are wound around the shank.

The gold-mounted heart scarab of green jasper (46) belonged to King Sobkemsaf II (17th Dynasty c. 1640 BC).

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