My Royal Wedding surprise…

It’s funny how stupid us men can be sometimes! I admit it.

Last week at this time, and for the week before that you would have been hard pressed to turn on the TV or the internet and not hear about the royal wedding.

I was in the group that was “over it” before it even started.

And then Saturday morning comes around and I turn on the TV and I was hooked!

Windsor castle was mesmerizing, seeing the vintage Rolls Royce slowly wind through the country roads and seeing the two princes walk up together in their perfectly bespoke uniforms was amazing.

The ceremony was equally impressive with the different styles of music and all the pastors were very eloquent as well.

After the ceremony was just as impressive. Seeing them ride away in the horse and carriage was a beautiful sight.

This being a blog about jewelry I want to share a picture of the exquisite ring from Princess Diana that Prince Harry gave to the new Duchess of Sussex

So there you have it. I was totally surprised by my binging of the Royal wedding. But then again, I love and appreciate all things beauty and this was a complete assault of beauty everywhere you looked; from the perfectly manicured gardens to the crisp and colorful uniforms with Windsor Castle as background, to all the flowers and costumes the guests were wearing.


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