The History of Cufflinks: Everything you Need to Know

I have always been fascinated by two things in my life, one is history, the other is jewelry. So, to me, the history of jewelry is something other-worldly…

Celebrating in December?

December is a month with lots going on so I guess that’s why it has three different birthstones 🙂 Let’s start with Blue Zircon Zircon is a mineral belonging to the group of nesosilicates. Its chemical name is zirconium. Zircon forms in silicate melts with large proportions of high field strength incompatible elements. For example, hafniumContinue reading “Celebrating in December?”

My Royal Wedding surprise…

It’s funny how stupid us men can be sometimes! I admit it. Last week at this time, and for the week before that you would have been hard pressed to turn on the TV or the internet and not hear about the royal wedding. I was in the group that was “over it” before itContinue reading “My Royal Wedding surprise…”

A beautiful Saturday around Rodeo Drive..

My wife and I went to lunch and spent the afternoon walking around Rodeo Drive and I took a few shots of the Tiffany windows… I just love their creativity The stories they tell are exquisite I hope you enjoy them as much as I do… I also took a shot of the Cartier logo.

Persian Treasures

Persian Lands The Assyrian Empire was succeeded by the end of the seventh century BC by the Neo-Babylonian, and then by the Persian Empire of the Achaemenids, based in modern Iran. The jewelry of the Persian lands, though influenced from the West in some respects, tends to be technically simpler but, because of the lavishContinue reading “Persian Treasures”


The origin of the Etruscans has been much debated but, according to present thinking, they were largely native Italians domiciled in central Italy, the modern Tuscany, who had developed their natural resources so skilfully that they became extremely wealthy. In return for their mineral and agricultural products, they were able to import luxuries from GreeceContinue reading “Etruscan…”

Bangle from 7 Century B. C.

What an amazing piece this is. To think how hard it was to make something so delicate and refined with the tools of the day. This bangle is hollow with the terminal section in the form of two ducks back to back, made separately from the main loop.

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